How Can I Learn My Credit Rating?

Credit Grade is the general name of the system that grades individuals’ relations with the bank. With the data collected through CRS, the individual’s (customer’s) records in the banks are learned and evaluated as a Credit Grade for easier follow-up under one roof. If you are not familiar with the credit rating, What is a Credit Rating? You can read our article. Read our article about Credit Grade Learning.

Credit rating learning with Savingsdesks

Savingsdesks is one of the easiest and most reliable systems to learn your credit rating. Savingsdesks is managed by the Credit Bureau and as such, you will have no problems with reliability. However, as with any other website, you should make sure that you use the official website. Savingsdesks is a fast system where you can learn your credit score instantly but it is paid. Savingsdesks offers different report options such as Credit Rating, Risk Report, and Retrospective Analysis. This amount may vary depending on the report you want. If you register for the first time, it will show your current note free of charge.

Learning credit grade from banks

One of the easiest methods for learning credit grade is banks. You can find out your current credit rating by contacting your customer representative who is interested in you at your current bank. The Credit Rating does not vary between banks. The credit rating is unique to each bank and all banks take this into account. When you learn your credit rating from your customer representative, they will also tell you whether you can benefit from credit or other bank products.

Credit rating learning from various sites

We certainly do not recommend this method! The other two methods are always the most secure and safe. Sharing your personal information with Savingsdesks and your bank’s external organizations can cause serious security problems. For this reason, we recommend that you do not share your personal information with websites that you have not seen, heard before and are not clear about. Even the banks and bank employees do not explicitly ask for your personal information from you.

How do I upgrade my credit rating?

You’ve followed all the methods, learned your credit rating, but not enough? You can read our article nasıl How do I upgrade my credit grade,?