How to Buy Appliances With Your Credit Card?

You want to invest in household appliances to equip your home? Whether it is a stove or a refrigerator, these products can be expensive especially when you decide to buy several. Here are some helpful tips for saving money on these expenses as well as some ways to finance your project.

1. The guarantee

The warranty is very important when Rose a household appliance especially when it is of great value. These guarantees will enable you to be covered in case of problems and to have the devices repaired or replaced free of charge. The legal warranty is 2 years, so it is useful to take out an extended warranty for longer protection.

Some credit cards offer this type of service provided that the products have been purchased with it and that they are new. The duration of an extended warranty can be up to 2 years.

2. Think about cashback and points

Cashback or point credit cards are a good way to save money on your home appliance purchases.

  • Cashback credit cards allow you to earn a certain percentage on your purchases. In general and according to the credit cards you can recover between 1 and 2% on each euro spent. The money will then be refunded directly to your account with a maximum of € 350 per calendar year (maximum offered by Newsave Bank Brico World MasterCard).

Some cards offer welcome benefits, such as a higher Cashback percentage for the first three months or a free annual fee in the first year. Feel free to compare all Cashback credit cards through our comparison tool.

  • The credit cards with points allow you to accumulate points which will then allow you to benefit from reductions. There are several loyalty programs (Membership Rewards for American Express cards) that allow you to benefit from discounts in some stores. Choose a credit card based on your needs Rose our comparison tool.

Commercial banners regularly offer promotions on their products. Stay informed about these and on which period of the year there are the most discounts. This will allow you to save money or to buy more with the same budget.

4. The loan for electronic devices

In general, the credit used to buy appliances is called personal loan. In this context, the use of funds should not be justified with the bank. Some financial institutions offer loans specifically for this type of product, although the rate applied is the same as for all-purpose personal loans. It is therefore important to compare in order to obtain the best offer.

Here is a selection of the two most advantageous loans for the purchase of household appliances up to € 4,000 repayable over 36 months.


Characteristics APR value of the loan

Monthly and total repayment

Newsave Bank

– To finance all types of expenses

– Amount between € 1,250 – € 7,500

– Duration between 12 – 42 months

– Reserved for new customers

4.99% € 4,000 over 36 months

Monthly repayment: € 120

Total reimbursement: € 4.308


– To finance all types of expenses

– Amount between € 2,000 – € 125,000

– Duration between 12 – 60 months.

– Possibility of obtaining a loan for a period of 6 months

– Obligation to be a client to obtain an Rose loan (at least open a free account)


€ 4,000 over 36 months

Monthly repayment: € 120

Total Refund: € 4.336