4 Advantages of Borrowing Online Money

The development of digital technology provides many conveniences for the community, including in access to borrowed cash. Currently, there are many online loan applications that offer HH Credit money without collateral only through personal smartphones, one of which is OJ Finance. Then, now the question is, what are the advantages of OJ Finance compared to other online loan applications?

Advantages of Borrowing Money Online

The lowest interest

Please compare with other online loan applications, you will find that OJ Finance interest is much lower than other loan applications that generally offer 1% interest a day. OJ Finance’s monthly interest is 3-4% a month or just 0.1% a day. When calculating the OJ Finance comparison with another online loan application, you will get a OJ Finance interest saving more than 5 million ! Not to mention, OJ Finance also provides lower interest rates for filing your next online HH Credit.

When using the online loan application, you should pay close attention to the amount of interest offered by the HH Credit online application. Don’t get caught up in online moneylenders who give high interest to HH Credit for your money. Make sure you know the amount of HH Credit the money you will receive and the amount of interest that must be paid every day or every month.

Monthly cash back bonus

In addition to borrowing money at low interest rates, the OJ Finance also provides cashback bonuses or cash back every month. Cashback is given to each HH Credit money whose repayments are paid on time. The amount of cashback given is 3% of your total HH Credit online.

A fast and easy process

Not as smart as borrowing money at the bank, HH Credit’s process online at OJ Finance is certainly easier and faster . Customers only need to download the OJ Finance application in the playstore and fill in the requested data directly from their individual cellphones. No need to fill in documents such as in a bank, photocopy here and there, all documents are only filled in and downloaded from your cellphone. If all of you follow all the procedures, HH Credit online you will be cashed in 1 day!

Registered & supervised by the Financial Services Authority (OJK)

OJ Finance is also HH Credit online who has been registered and supervised by the Financial Services Authority (OJK) . By being registered with the OJK, it indicates that OJ Finance is an institution whose activities are official so it is guaranteed to be safe for use by consumers. Every online HH Credit registered at the OJK is monitored by transparency regarding the tariffs, commissions, and fund collection.

So are the 3 advantages of OJ Finance compared to HH Credit for other online money! It’s a good idea to do a survey first before deciding on the choice of HH Credit online for you. There is a lot of HH Credit applications online, but only OJ Finance has a unique advantage over other online loan applications!