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Every person has certain needs and wishes to be worked towards. Depending on the standard of living, this can be a holiday trip, a flat screen TV, a car, or some other physical object. The possibilities here are almost limitless. However, every person has to cover monthly fixed costs, which are made up, for example, of electricity, water, gasoline and food. Therefore, you can not always save a lot. Thus, it can take a long time before it is possible to make such a large purchase. Others can spare almost nothing, so that a dream of this kind can almost never be fulfilled. But there are ways in which such luxury items can be procured easily and above all very quickly.

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An instant loan is still granted today

Especially in terms of processing time banks have developed enormously. You grant loans very quickly and thus you can get material needs, as just mentioned, immediately. An instant payout loan to is not very widespread yet. Not many banks have included this in their portfolio. However, the conditions that such a fast credit must meet are identical to conventional loans. Thus, the applicant must be able to show either a salary statement or other possessions (eg shares, real estate or life insurance). If this is not the case, the applicant can appoint a guarantor. A guarantor jumps in for the installment payments of the applicant if he can no longer pay the repayments. In the case of an instant loan, which is still granted today, there must also be no negative entry in the nationwide credit bureau database. Otherwise, the loan is hardly approvable. The possible conditions for a loan of this kind are discussed below.

Terms and conditions for a short-term loan

An instant loan, which is still granted today, hardly differs from a conventional loan in terms of general conditions. Accordingly, the loan amount between a range of EUR 1,000 to 150,000 is realistic. The term is also freely selectable and can be between one and ten years. Also on the effective interest rate is important. This varies from bank to bank and is at best about 5 percent. It is worth comparing the offers of the banks, here the interest rates vary very much. In addition, there are some banks that grant their customers one-time or special payments. This has the advantage that the repayable installments and thus the interest payable are substantially lower.