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For the publisher:

Recently in the article there were four really long articles on a new affordable housing plan.

I read them looking for details like: How much will this plan cost? who will pay for it? Who will administer it? If people are to be hired, who will pay their salaries, benefits and pensions? Last but not least, who is going to pay the mountain of property taxes each year for all of these affordable homes?

In the thousands of words describing this Plan, I have not found answers to any of these fundamental questions. However, I applaud all those who want to do something about the extremely high and rising cost of housing, because it is a huge problem for more and more people.

When trying to solve a social problem, it makes sense to first identify the root causes of the problem, which, in this case, is easy to do. Home taxes have become so high that they have doubled the cost of owning or renting a home. The mountain of housing regulations also doubled the cost.

At the very least, taxes and regulations have quadrupled the cost of housing and policies that benefit from all these taxes are still not being satisfied. In Lynn, mayors and city councilors continue to increase the property tax on housing. It seems that every time I read the article the mayor is increasing the payroll by hiring more public servants.

The situation has become so bad that no one in the former free land is allowed to own their house. You can work and save your money for decades to buy a house or pay off your mortgage, and you still won’t and never own it, because you’ll be forced to pay thousands of dollars every year for it. property tax.

By the way, the abolition of home ownership is communism. Either way, the obvious solution to unaffordable housing is to ban the government from taxing and regulating homes.

Since housing is a basic necessity, it should not be taxed and anyone who buys a house should be allowed to own it. We need a free housing market. Note: the word free means free from government control.

The alternative to government control is freedom and free markets that don’t need a plan. Free markets provide goods and services without the help of mayors, councilors, committees, forums, meetings or thousands of pages of laws, rules and regulations.

They settle with only two rules, no force and no cheating. Centralized control is not necessary because the vast, overwhelming majority of human beings want to earn an honest living by peacefully providing goods and services to those who are willing to pay for them. No one needs to be forced, directed, asked or told what to do.

Free markets provide the goods and services that people want at competitive prices as if, as someone pointed out, they were ruled by an “invisible hand”. The only way to get rich in a free market is to give it to others. This is the reason why free markets produce wealth for all who participate in them.

The three physical necessities for human survival are food, clothing, and shelter. The food and clothing markets are essentially free. People are free to produce, buy, sell and consume food and clothing without paying thousands of dollars in taxes, regulations, licenses, fees, etc.

These markets are run without armies of bureaucrats and government police officers. What is the result of all this freedom? Food and clothing are affordable and accessible to everyone. Housing or housing is heavily taxed and regulated. What is the result? Housing unaffordable for many.

For another example, there is a free market for computers. People are free to produce, buy and sell computers without a mountain of taxes and regulations. What is the result? Every year, computers get better and more affordable. Thirty years ago, computers were expensive, slow, and unfriendly. Today they are much faster, easier to use, and affordable for everyone due to freedom and competition, not government. And, when you buy a computer, you own it and don’t have to pay taxes on it every year, forever.

If you honestly want to help those who can’t afford the current cost of housing, stop forcing them to pay thousands of dollars every year for services they don’t want or need. and that they never asked for. Stop forcing them to pay for services that are only wanted by the rich. Requiring the rich to pay their own bills would reduce the cost of housing by at least 75%. And, everyone will always be free to pay as much as they want for the services they want.

For example, suppose Lynn’s elite want the services of a diversity expert or an arts and culture expert. Fine. Let them hire whoever they want and pay them with their own money. Every time the mayor and councilors hire more staff, they make homes less affordable for more people because the money to pay those salaries, benefits, and pensions comes from the property tax on houses and apartments.

I like the diversity. I would love Lynn to have a mayor and councilors who value affordable housing more than spending other people’s money. It would be a real diversity. I also like the culture, the culture of freedom, not the current culture of government control, taxation and spending.

Richard G. Éramian

Letter: Housing and taxes – Itemlive: Itemlive

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