Letter: Peltola’s New Home

By Dennis Smith

Updated: 1 One hour before Published: 1 One hour before

Representative-elect Mary Peltola is from Alaska, and I’m sure she’ll try to do what’s best for her home state.

But she also has a new home now in Washington, DC, and is welcomed and surrounded by her new friends and Democratic Party members like Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff. No matter what we think of our new representative, she will always be forced to toe the party line with open borders, high inflation and billions more for green energy while our state suffers from regulatory permits and environmental conditions that make it take years to extract or drill for minerals, gas and oil.

Our new representative is being praised for transforming Alaska from a Republican state to a Democratic-led state through preferential-choice voting with the $16 million ad blitz that supporters used to convince Alaskans that it is the way of the future for voting. I certainly hope Rep-elect Peltola doesn’t toe the party line, but Washington, DC, is a far cry from Alaska and she will be under immense pressure to toe the Democratic agenda. Hopefully we can change that in the midterm elections.

—Denis Smith


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